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The Miracles of the Imams

SHAFAQNA-The Eleventh Spurious Argument:


Some people criticize the Shias of believing that the Imams had miracles like the miracles of the Prophets.


What we mean by the miracles of the Imams is the charismata that prove their Imamate, guardianship, and their being a proof from Allah among mankind and the mediators between mankind and the Prophet (s). Refer to the book titled (Ithbatul-Hudat bin-Nusus wa al-Mu’jizaat). The author mentions the miracles of the Twelve Imams with well established narrations that have been extensively narrated with uninterrupted chains of narrators. Refer to Ihqaqul-Haq vol. 11,12, and 19, if you like to know the miracles and charismata of the Imams as mentioned in Sunni books. It includes some of those mentioned in Sunni books with names of the books, the number of the pages and the edition.

Adapted from the book: “Spurious Arguments about the Shia” by: “Abu Talib at-Tabrizi”

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