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Why thinking and contemplating is the first step on the way to self-evaluation?

SHAFAQNA – Beware that thinking/contemplating is the first condition to confront desires of soul and move towards God. Contemplating at this stage means that the human being thinks for a while in each day and night. Think about the point that his/her master (God) has brought them to this world and prepared all the things ready for them, as well as has granted healthy body and forces to them which each one of those has benefits to astonish the wisdom of anyone, and (Divine) blessings have been laid out. And on the other hand, all the prophets have been sent, and books have been sent, and guidance and invitations have been sent out; so what is our duty towards this master who is the owner of everything? So, are all these things have been laid out just for animal life and management of desires which we share with animals, or there is another purpose [1]?

[1] Sharhe Chehel Hadith, Imam Khomeini (RA), Page 6.

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