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The fire was restrained in the holy shrine of Lady Masoumeh (S.A) + Video

SHAFAQNA- On Saturday night, at around 22 o’clock in local time, a fire occurred at the shrine of Lady Masoumeh (S.A) in Qom, Iran. This fire incident resulted in some damage in parts of tile and wooden doors of the shrine.

According to Shafaqna, the governor of Qom, while saying that the fire is being restrained and the servants are washing the holy shrine of Lady Masoumeh (S.A), indicated that the fluctuations of electricity were the cause of the fire.

Morteza Heidari,  in a conversation with Shafaqna said “According to the experts, the storehouse of the cartons used for worshipers, was fired by electricity fluctuations”.

He added “Immediately in the first minutes, the firemen of the municipality and the fire fighters of the holy shrine of Lady Masoumeh (S.A) entered into action and restrained the fire.

He also emphasized “There is no specific problem and there is no fire, no financial damage, and now the fire fighters are washing the fire. “


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