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UK: the next PM will face the same problems as Teresa May

SHAFAQNA- Theresa May stepped down as Tory leader after resigning on May 24 over her failure to deliver Brexit and losing the support of her own MPs.

The prime minister announced last month she would step down on Friday, June 7, after her authority to govern collapsed following three failed attempts to win parliament’s approval for a negotiated deal to leave the European Union.

When Mrs May announced her resignation, she said it was time for a new prime minister to try to deliver Brexit.

Theresa May met US President Donald Trump during his state visit to the UK in the final days before she stepped down.

Outside Downing Street, she said: “I have done my best.”

She added: “Our politics may be under strain, but there is so much that is good about this country. So much to be proud of. So much to be optimistic about.

“I will shortly leave the job that it has been the honour of my life to hold – the second female Prime Minister but certainly not the last.

She has handed in her private resignation letter to the backbench 1922 Committee, two weeks after announcing her intention to leave.

The letters between May and the committee will not be released to the public. A source who had seen the exchange of letters told The Telegraph that there was a “short and warm exchange” of words between May, Walker, and Gillian.

However, under electoral commission rules, May will keep the keys to Downing Street, and will continue in her post in an acting capacity until July 23 when the party picks a successor, who will become Britain’s next prime minister.

Eleven Conservative MPs are vying to replace her as party leader and, ultimately, prime minister. The winner of the contest is expected to be announced in the week of 22 July.

The race, which already has 11 candidates, is utterly dominated by Brexit, fox news told.

Her successor will face the same problems as May: Parliamentary arithmetic that does not give the governing party a majority in the House of Commons, a rapidly approaching Brexit deadline with EU officials ruling out any renegotiation of the exit deal, and a fatigued populace disillusioned with the process of Brexit and with the entire state of the British political class, Aljazeera mentioned.

Mrs May, who has said it was a matter of deep regret that she had been unable to deliver Brexit, remains acting party leader during the leadership election process, BBC told.

She is stepping down amid a growing dispute with Chancellor Philip Hammond over her plans to leave with a series of big spending announcements, including a multibillion-pound overhaul of England’s schools and colleges, according to the Financial Times.

Her team has been eager to shape her legacy beyond the Brexit failure, but she bequeaths to her successor a nation where traditional political identities are being eroded by strong beliefs on whether Britain should leave the EU, and how it should do so.

Mrs May’s plan was defeated three times in the House of Commons — but she was still desperately trying to save her legacy by getting her deal passed.

The Prime Minister wanted her legacy to be taking Britain out of the EU, before turning to the “burning injustices” of UK society.

Her last-ditch bid to save the Brexit deal by offering MPs a vote on whether to hold a second referendum proved the last nail in her coffin, triggering a Cabinet rebellion with Andrea Leadsom resigning, ,  thesun reported.

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