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Rouhani: Middle East tensions stem from US economic war against Iran

SHAFAQNAIranian President Hassan Rouhani who is hosting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said that Iran and Japan are determined to expand their relations on political, economic, regional and international levels.

According to Shafaqna, at a press conference that was held Wednesday June 12 in Tehran following the meeting of the two countries’ delegations, Rouhani said they have talked about Japan’s investment in the Iranian Port of Chabahar on the coast of the Indian Ocean. He added that Japan expressed willingness to purchase Iranian oil and sort out related financial matters. The Iranian president noted the two sides have also negotiated bilateral issues such as de-escalation of tension and security. Rouhani voiced his satisfaction to see the Japanese government’s continued support for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and sees the 2015 nuclear deal as an important element for the regional and global security. Hassan Rouhani repeated Iran’s stance that it will never initiate a war in the region or against the United States but it would response firmly if comes under attack.

Criticizing the recent sanctions by the administration of US President Donald Trump, Rouhani said tensions between Tehran and Washington stem from the US economic war against the Iranian nation. He further said we would see positive developments in the region and the world if the United States stops its economic embargo against Tehran.

The Iranian president called for cooperation with Japan on peaceful nuclear energy, adding both the Islamic Republic of Iran and Japan oppose nuclear weapons.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who is on his first visit to Iran stressed the importance of the Middle East’s stability for the world’s economy, saying Japan plans to do its utmost to bring peace and stability.

Abe touched on the ever-increasing tensions in the Middle East region but did not refuse the possibility of a battle that could be triggered accidentally at any time. Prime Minister Abe continued to say that no one wants to see another war in the Middle East and his trip aims to prevent any military conflict.

The Japanese premier thanked Tehran for its full cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency, the IAEA, and urged the Islamic Republic to continue its compliance with the nuclear deal.

Shinzo Abe expressed happiness to visit Iran at the 90th anniversary of the beginning of diplomatic relations between Tehran and Tokyo. He praised the two countries as old, historic and culturally rich nations whose cooperation have continued through decades of friendly sentiment.

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