A letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations

SHAFAQNA – Union of Islamic Students Associations (in Europe) in a letter presented to the United Nation’s Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has condemned “Saudi Arabia and its allies’ inhumane, warmongering and destabilising actions against the Yemeni people,” and called on the UN to “take the adequate measure with the legal tools at its disposal to prevent the continued violent aggression against the Yemeni people.”

You can sign the UISAE petition against Saudi Arabia’s atrocities and human rights violation:

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

’A letter to Secretary General of the United Nations′

31 July 2016

H.E. Mr. Ban Ki Moon Secretary-General United Nations New York


Over the past few years, many nations have suffered from a threat to the international peace and  security.  By  the  increasing  theorization  and  sponsored  radicalism,  discrimination  and terrorism,  even  more  nations  are  experiencing  inhumane  disasters.  More  than  a  year  has passed since Saudi Arabia and its allies’ invasion of Yemen which is clearly in contradiction with the provisions of Article 2 (4) of the UN charter. This invasion has led to the massacre of dozens of civilians,including children and women. These people are savagely targeted by bullets and missiles, while they have played no role in Yemen’s domestic conflicts. More regrettably,  the  organizations  advocating  the  human  rights  have  kept  silent  about  these massacres and there is no adequate coverage of this invasion by the international media.This situation has provided Saudi Arabia and its allies with more chance to violate the basic human rights of its own people as well as others including the lives and properties of the people of Yemen. Excellency, The  United  Nations  is  responsible  for  establishing  peace  and  security  across  the  globe, according to the UN charter. Thus, the UN is expected to adopt a clear and definitive position on this waging war. Keeping silent about and ignoring Saudi Arabia’s destructive role in this huge humanitarian disaster and indifference to such a cruel aggression and savage massacre will definitely damage the legal status of the UN and the international security and order will be endangered. Do you not think that this continued silence, indifference and inaction by the UN  is  totally  in  contradiction  with  the  spirit  of  the  UN  charter?  Do  you  not  think  that  the continuation of this policy means nothing but complicity in invasion of Yemen and helping the aggressor against the oppressed? Excellency, Destruction of Yemen’s infrastructure by the invaders will endanger and cause insecurity for the future of this country and it will yield to nothing but more poverty and weakness of that country. Such a destructive war will prepare the ground for chaos,as well as the emergence of  extreme  and  violence-seeking  mainstream  group in  the  region,which  can  endanger  the peace by prolonging the instability in the region.

Excellency, The Saudi Arabian regime not only illegally supports the violence in Yemen but is the world’s largest source of financing terrorism and corruption. There is no real election, no freedom of speech or fair trial, as well as the ages of infringement of basic human rights in this country. Money is the key means for the Saudi Arabian regime to speak to the world–including the United Nations–which has unfortunately worked out well.We condemn Saudi Arabia and its allies inhumane, warmongering and destabilising actions against the Yemeni people. We expect the UN to take the adequate measure with the legal tools at its disposal to prevent the continued violent aggression against the Yemeni people. Excellency, This is another chance for the UN to show its independence and determination on the vital issue  of  establishing  peace  and  security.  Neglecting  this  issue  will  definitely  tarnish  the international prestige of the UN and will discredit it in international conflicts.

Please accept, Excellency, the assurances of our highest consideration.


Union of Islamic Students Associations(in Europe)

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