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A man was killd by a shark attack at Australian beach

SHAFAQNA- A man was killed Monday after being attacked by a shark in eastern Australia, a day after a surfer suffered serious injuries in the same area.

Police said the man died at Shelly Beach near Ballina, some 730 kilometres (452 miles) north of Sydney.

A man has died after he was pulled from a beach suffering fatal injuries believed to be from a shark attack on the state s north coast this morning, New South Wales state police said.

A group of surfers helped get the injured man out of the water and first aid was administered, but to no avail.

The man has not been identified at this stage, police added.

Beaches in the area were closed with the fatality coming just one day after a 35-year-old man was attacked while sitting on his surf board off Seven Mile Beach near Byron Bay, only 30 kilometres north of Ballina.

He suffered a cut to his back and puncture wounds to his buttocks and was stable in hospital on Monday.

Sharks are a regular feature in Australian waters and swimmers and surfers have had their share of encounters with the animals this summer

Fatalities, however, are rare although two teenagers died in shark attacks in December, one on the country s west coast and one on the east.

Experts say attacks by sharks are increasing as water sports become more popular.


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