A model behaviour

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from Ibrahim ibn Abbas who said: I have never saw or heard that Ali ibn Mosal Reza (AS) say one bad or cruel word to someone, never saw him cut other people’s talking to him before they finish. He never refused to fulfill others requests when he had the ability to do so. He never outstretched his legs in front of others, never saw him lean on something when others did not have the mean to do so. Never saw him shouting or insulting his house helpers or those close to him. Imam Reza (AS) used to sleep little and woke up early in the mornings. Most nights he was busy praying and used to fast a lot and he surely did fast minimum of 3 days of each month. Imam Reza (AS) used to say: Whoever fasts 3 days in each month is like he/she has been fasting all their lives [1].

[1] Oyoun Akhbaral Reza (AS), Vol. 1, Page 32.

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