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A municipal “Islamic consulting center” sets up for the new year in Bayern, Germany

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SHAFAQNA- Eugen-Biser foundation is organizing a municipal “Islamic consulting center in Bayern” for the new year. This Foundation is organized for German people to live in peaceful coexistence and have a democratic community.  For this purpose, Robert Bosch Foundation is providing a quarter of a million euros for three years.
The aim of the free, confidential and ideologically neutral “Islamic Consulting center in Bayern” is to strengthen the cooperation of Muslim families, clubs, associations and community with  German authorities. The project is based on a needs analysis. According to this, community workers often know too little about Muslim community and the manifestation of Islam in their place. Local governments such as Muslims experienced each other as a little transparent.
Especially in rural areas Muslim involvement is hardly recognizable.
For the study in the spring employees of municipalities in all seven Bavarian government districts were interviewed. There were also interviews with representatives of charities and Muslim organizations. An estimated 600,000 of the 13 million inhabitants of Bavaria are Muslims.
Bavaria’s Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann (CSU) welcomed the project as “important technical assistance” for all involved in integration processes.
There is similar foundation in Baden-Württemberg. In more than 130 cases, the local team has already been able to solve Muslim problems.
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