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A Muslims’s message to Ted Cruz by Prince Ali Seraj of Afghanistan

SHAFAQNA – Ted Cruz does not even know his own country.  Unlike Europe, where Muslims are housed in Ghettos, with little hope for work or a future, Muslims in the USA are not concentrated in any one particular location. Majority of them reside in various States, spread in various cities and towns. They are productive members of their communities. They are businessmen/women, doctors, professors, members of the police force, military force, engineers, etc. etc. etc.

They are better educated than Ted Cruz and know more about the world than he does.
He forgets that three million Afghan Muslims died fighting the Red Army, so people like Ted Cruz could live in a Communist Free World. He is also unaware that the man who co-invented the Fiber Optics is an Afghan/American, so is the inventor of US Solar energy.
Many of the top surgeons in USA are Muslims as are top engineers.  They have contributed a thousand times more to their adopted home, the USA than Ted Cruz.
Ted Cruz has taken more from the USA than he has given, while the Muslim Community of the USA has proudly given more than they have received and have fulfilled their obligations as Citizens of this great land, with honor and dignity.
You never hear a single Muslim foul mouthing their non-Muslim American brothers and sisters, yet Ted Cruz foul mouths them daily.
So we say, “Mr. Cruz, wake up and learn what the USA is all about”  Apparently as an emigrant, who is a second generation American, you still have a great deal to learn about what makes America great. It is not bigotry, insults or vulgar language. What makes America great is its tolerance for all, regardless of race, color or religion. So we say “God Bless America” and save it from people like Ted Cruz.
By Prince ali Seraj of Afghanistan
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