A Saudi prince Eastern Province governor says ‘evil filth’ among Saudi Arabia’s Shia community

SHAFAQNA – According to Middle East Eye reported that ”  A senior Saudi official said on Wednesday that there is “evil filth” living in the country’s Shiite community in the country’s Eastern Province. Activists told Middle East Eye the comments were the first openly sectarian remarks made in public by a Saudi prince, and that they represent a rising tide of state-sanctioned divisive rhetoric since the beginning of Riydah’s military intervention in Yemen last month. Saud bin Nayyef bin Abdel Aziz, governor of the Eastern Province since 2013, made the comments during a speech in provincial capital Dammam lamenting the killing of two police officers shot dead by unknown assailants in the capital on Wednesday.

“There are good men [in the Eastern Province],” he said, according to local news site al-Madina. “And there is also evil filth.” “While our country is going through what it is going through and standing together as one block, we find the descendants of the fickle Safavid Abdullah Ibn Saba who try to divide that block,” he added, referring to the war in Yemen.

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