A significant difference between this world and the hereafter

SHAFAQNA – Human being in this world needs help from others in the society and cooperstion with groups in order to fulfill his/her needs. That is how the state of superiority and inferiority have entered the structure of societies. In Ayah 32 of Surah Al-Zokhruf, Allah (SWT) says: “Are they dividing up God’s mercy? We divide up their livelihood among them in the worldly life, and raise some of them higher in rank than others so that some of them employ others for their labour. God’s mercy is better than what they are collecting.”
But the difference is that, in the hereafter no one needs another human being or Jinn because every individual will benefit from what they have collected in the worldly life together with a lot of mercy from God as mentioned in Ayah 20 of Surah Al-Shora: “For anyone wanting a harvest in the hereafter, God will increase his/her harvest; and God will only give a portion to anyone who has been wanting a worldly harvest,  whilst he/she will not have any share in the hereafter.”

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