A special month

SHAFAQNA – The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) said: Allah (SWT) has appointed an angel in the 7th sky, this angel is called “Da’ei” or caller. In the month of Rajab, this angel every night till morning calls, good for worshippers, good for those who praise God. This angel says: O’ people, tonight God says: “I am the companion of the one who is My companion and I obey the one who obeys Me, meaning whatever My servant wants, will be granted, whoever asks for forgiveness, will be forgiven as this is My Month when My mercy and pardon are everywhere; I will guide those who ask for guidance. I have designated this month as a rope between Myself and my servant, if anyone in the month of Rajab gets hold of this rope firmly, will reach Me [1].

[1] Zaadal Ma’aad Page 16.

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