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A special prostration

SHAFAQNA – The late Shia scholar, Mirza Jawaad Aqaa maleki, wrote: At the time of studying in Najaf, I asked my teacher: Which deed you have experienced to be effective for the believer? He replied: In 24 hours to perform a lengthy prostration and say: “La Elaha Ella Ant, Sobhanaka Enni Konto Menazz(dh)alemeen” which is known as Zekre Younesiyeh; meaning, “There is no God but Allah (SWT), glory be to God, I was indeed wrong.”

My teacher used to advise to his followers this particular prostration and whoever carried it out, could see its effects especially those who repeated it more than others. I heard some repeated the Zekr, 1000 times whilst prostrating, some even more and some less, some used to repeat it 3000 times [1].

[1] Almoraqebaat, Mirza Jawaad Aqaa maleki Tabrizi, Page 122.

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