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A Sunni muslim prepares Taziya for Lucknow’s first procession

Shafaqna (Shia International News Association)

Nevertheless, Lucknow had witnessed many Shia-Sunni riots in past and Loca administration had been finding ways to end the conflict. Here comes an example which helps in bridging the gap, a Sunni Muslim prepares ‘Shahi Moom Ki Zari’ (Replica of Imam Husain’s made of Wax) from last 14 years in Azadari Capital.

Mohd. Naseer comes all the way from Jarwal (Bahraich) to make ‘Shahi Moom Ki Zari’. This Taziya is taken out in the first procession of Muharram, which is likely to begin from September 26.

This ‘taziya’ is taken out on the first of the holy month of Muharram from Bada Imambara to Chota Imambara by Husainabad and Allied Trust (HAT). “HAT makes this ‘taziya’ every year before Moharram as it’s the main attraction of the procession carried out from Bada Imambada to Chota Imambada.

“Making this ‘taziya’ is not an easy task as it take 4 month to complete it. It is 20 feet long weighs 5.5 quintals and its structure is made up of bamboo sticks,” said Naseer.

While telling about the process of making it, Naseer shared that after the structure is made of bamboo sticks, paper is glued to it. To give shine, shining plastic is wrapped on it. “The main attraction in it is ‘Wax’, around a quintal and 35 kilogram wax is used in making this ‘Taziya’. There are 12 minarets of wax in it, four minarets are 5.5 feet long and other eight are 4.4 feet long while several flowers and fishes made of wax are attached in it,” he revealed.

This “Moom ka Taziya” was started by 3rd King of Avadh, Mohd. Ali Shah around 172 years back in between 1837-42. For the procession in which this ‘Taziya’ is taken out he deposited Rs 12 lakh with East India company

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