A Woman’s Skirt Size Can Predict Risk of Breast Cancer-Study Reveals

SHAFAQNA – Women who gain weight have one more reason to be alarmed. A new study has found that those women, who have seen their waist line get bigger, might have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. The study was published in BMJ Open.

It is believed that fat tissue makes the body produce more estrogen. This type of hormones help breast tumors grow. The kind of fat around a woman’s weight can help determine if the woman is more likely to suffer from cancer. Different studies have found that there is a correlation between a woman’s waist line and other health conditions.

Researchers analyzed data from a group of approximately 93,000 women. Most of the women were overweight, middle age and lived in the U.K. The data was compiled in a period of three years and included the subjects general health, skirt size and cancer status.

Researchers were able to see that the factor that better predicted a risk of breast cancer was the subjects’ skirt size. Women, who increased a skirt size within a period of 10 years, between the age of 25 and 65 had a 33% higher of breast cancer after menopause. Those who increased two whole sizes during the same span of time had a higher chance of 77%.

The size of the skirt alone might seem like a silly thing to associate with breast cancer. However, the study points out, that skirt size is a reliable way to measure the circumference of the populations’ waist line.

The study relies solely on subjects’ waistline, because researchers claim it can determine the amount of fat in the body. The only reason they focused on skirt size, is because that was the only factor that changed over time and that seem to make a difference.

This is just one study suggesting a correlation between skirt size and breast cancer. More studies need to be conducted in order to see if there is a real causal connection or not.

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