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Abd al-Rahman Ibn Abd Rabbah al-Ansari al-Khazraji: the companion of Imam Hussayn (P)

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SHAFAQNA- Alkafeel: Some of the companions of the Messenger of Allah (Allah’s prayers be upon him and upon his holy Household) who supported him and narrated his Hadith, or from those who only met him once, had a distinguished presence in the revolution of the Master of martyrs (peace be upon him), such as the companion Abd al-Rahman Ibn Abd Rabbah al-Ansari al-Khazraji, who was also one of those who testified to hear the Holy Prophet (Allah’s prayers be upon him and upon his holy Household) saying about the Commander of the Faithful (peace be upon him): “To whomsoever I had been Mawla, Ali here is to be his Mawla.”

He is from the tribe of Khazraj (Yemeni Arabs from southern Kufa. Abd al-Rahman was a sincere companion who was loyal in following Imam Ali (peace be upon him). He was one of the closest companions of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) who have narrated from him.

His martyrdom:

Abd al-Rahman came with Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) from Mecca. It is said that Burayr Ibn Hosayn al-Hamadani and Abd al-Rahman Ibn Abd Rabbah al-Ansari were standing together getting reading for the fight on the morning of the tenth of Muharram, so Burayr was teasing Abd al-Rahman. So Abd al-Rahman told him: O Burayr, do you laugh?! This is not an hour of laughter or falsehood!

Burayr replied: I never liked the falsehood, neither old nor young. But I do it this because of the good tiding of what will happen to us. I swear by God that we will fight those people with our swords for an hour and then we will hug the Hur in heavens. And on the tenth of Muharram, Abd al-Rahman asked the permission of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) to fight, and then he fought until he was killed, may the Almighty have his mercy upon him.


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