abna.ir/Saudi Arabia: 15,000 security personnel to be deployed at holy sites

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association)-More than 15,000 Civil Defense security personnel and officers will be deployed at the Kingdom’s holy sites from Monday in implementation of a general emergency plan during the Haj season.

Maj. Gen. Suleiman Al-Amro, director-general of the Civil Defense, said personnel are on high alert to ensure pilgrim safety and to cope with potential risks during the busy season.

“Personnel have received continuous training and our headquarters are fully equipped with technical equipment,” he said.

Al-Amro said that field leaders would soon deploy defense units, as well as the centralized supervisory, preventive, and geological survey teams.

“Units will liaise to implement the comprehensive plan,” he said.

He called on all Civil Defense officials taking part in the campaign this year to be fully dedicated to their national and religious duties and to take their jobs seriously.



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