Did Abu Sofian dynasty follow secular or religious rule?

SHAFAQNA – Moawiyah and his son Yazid practically used to spread secularism; for example when Moawiyah declared himself as the Caliph, immediately went to Iraq, and in a speech warned people that: I have not fought you for your Salaat and fasting, but I wanted to rule over you which I succeeded [1]. The great Islamic scholar, the late Allamah Tabatabaei commented about Moawiyah’s remark and said: With this saying, Moawiyah wanted to point that he had separated the religion from the politics, and had no obligation towards religious rules, and had gathered all his forces to protect his rule. And it is clear that such rule is a kingdom, and not the Caliphate which supposed to succeed the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) [2].

[1] Sharhe Nahjul Balaghah, Ibn Abelhadeed Moatazeli, Vol. 4, Page 160.

[2] Shia Dar Islam, Mohammad Hussain Tabatabaei, Page 44.

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