Abutalib (RA) a believer in Islam and the Prophet (PBUH)

SHAFAQNA – Abutalib (AS) supported the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) in many occasions and believed in him so much that used to take the Prophet (PBUH) to the place of worship and ask God for his sake to send rain. Abutalib (RA) preferred supporting the Prophet (PBUH) to chairmanship of Mecca and instead for 3 years, Abutalib (RA) lived in mountains and under sanctions and consequently due to the hardships, became ill and a few days after the end of sanctions, passed away.

When the blessed Ayah came to the Prophet (PBUH) to gather his relatives and invite them to Islam, Abutalib (RA) told the Prophet (PBUH): O, the dear son of my brother, rise up, you have a lofty position, your party is the noblest of the parties, you are the son of a great man, never any tongue will hurt you, sharp tongues will defend you and sharp swords will deal with them; swear to God, like a child to mother, Arabs will be humble in front of you [1].

[1] Farazhayee az Tarikhe Payambare Islam by Jaafar Sobhani, narrated from Altraef by Seyyed ibn Tawoos, Page 85.

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