Acceptance of prayers by God

SHAFAQNA – The Prophet Moses (AS) saw a man praying to God and asking his requests to be granted whilst his hands were raised towards the sky. After a week Moses (AS) saw that man at the same position asking God for his prayers and requests be accepted. Moses (AS) said to God: O’ my God, this man is asking you for his requests to be accepted but this has not happened. God replied: O’ Moses, if he keeps calling me till his hands drop or be cut, or he can no longer speak, still I will not grant him his wishes unless he comes to Me from the door I ordered him to come through, and that is the door of the prophets and their true successors [1].

[1] Translated from Sokhan-e-Khoda (collection of divine hadiths) by Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Shirazi, Page 135.

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