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Accusations against Nigeria’s Shias Unfounded


The Nigerian government’s accusations against the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) and the country’s Shia community are unfounded since the nature of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria has proved to be peaceful over the past years.

At least 60 people were killed this past weekend when the Nigerian army raided the Islamic Movement headquarters and arrested its leader in the northern city of Zaria.


On Sunday, the army raided several buildings connected to the Islamic Movement and the home of Zakzaky. They arrested him and killed key members of the group, including Zakzaky’s second-in-command and spokesman.


Speaking to IQNA, Seyed Abdullah Husseini, a lecturer at Al-Mustafa International University in Johannesburg, South Africa, referred to the developments in Nigeria.
Following are excerpts from what he said about the attacks on Shias in Nigeria.


The Nigerian government’s accusations against the Shia community are unfounded since the nature of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria has proved to be peaceful over the past years.


Accusation that the movement is militaristic is not true because over previous years there has been nothing of such militarization. The people do not use weapons. They use their intellect and knowledge they have about their religion.
A group of people who are very peace loving and who only practice what they believe. The group who did not attack or harm anyone has been attacked by the army cooperated by Wahabis, Salafis, anf Boko Haram.
If you look at Nigeria, you realize that after the arrival of the new government the country does not have a very stable government to rule.  It still does not have a proper cabinet. The government has not managed to establish a proper system of law and order in Nigeria. At the top of that, there are a lot of other sufferings across the country. The government cannot control the army as probably the new president wants.
On the other hand, the Nigerian army’s assault on Shia Muslims in Zarya in Northern Nigeria has cast shadow over the Nigerian government’s claims of fighting terrorism in the country.
The Nigerian government which for long has been under fire for its inability to fight terrorists has now launched a battle against the Shia community, which has been a victim of Boko Haram terrorists. This could further worsen the security situation in the West African country.
In addition, a very strong pressure from Boko Haram, some of the Salafis and Wahabis has been exerted upon the government of Nigeria to limit the activities of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky and his followers.
All of these issues come together to contribute to the creation of such a disaster in the history of Nigeria

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