Administering Islamic law without discrimination by the Prophet (PBUH)

SHAFAQNA – After conquering Mecca by the Islamic army, a woman from the tribe of “Bani Makhzoom” committed a burglary, and her crime was approved by justice department. The relatives of that woman who were still thinking about the class system in the ignorant era, considered her punishment as an insult to the rich family’s dignity, and asked for her punishment to be dropped. And for this purpose they sent Osamah bin Zaid to meet the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) to intervene on her behalf. This made the Prophet (PBUH) angry and he said: What is the point of intervening? How can it be possible to ignore the rule of law, and he ordered for the punishment to be carried out immediately. Osamah realised his mistake and apologised, and to wipe out the thought of discrimination in law from people’s minds, the Prophet (PBUH) delivered a sermon, and pointed to the issue of administering the Divine Law and said: The previous tribes and nations became extinct, because they discriminated in the rule of law; whenever a person from high levels of the society committed a crime, he/she was acquitted; and if the person was from lower classes committing the same crime, they used to punish him/her. Swear to God, I will never fail to administer the rule of law about anyone, even if the culprit is from my relatives [1].

[1] Tabaqaat Ibn Saad, Vol. 4, page 70.

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