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Adnan al-Aroor used to incite youths to Syria by Saudi but now he is supporting terrorist

SHAFAQNA (Exclusive) – Saudi media are attacking these days , the Syrian preacher resident in Saudi Arabia, Adnan al-Aroor during the recent period. Newspapers and media allocated outlets such as the MBC TV and Alarabieya TV  to talk about his activities, and to demonstrate his support to militant groups in Syria , Saudi classified it as “terrorist groups” such as the Front victory.

As a result of this attack, Aeraour’s bank accounts were frozen this month, claiming that he collects donations without official permission for the relief organization called “peace.”In a striking development Saudi newspapers published yesterday, a statement by a Saudi nicknamed “Atwi” split from victory organization, alleges that Aeraour support of one million dollars, which opens the door for government to take tougher action against the Aeraour.

Its surprised by Saudi Arabia such action against him, as the Saudi Interior Ministry, (which froze the bank accounts Aeraour) they were protecting him by police guard from ministry .

Aeraour was focus of criticism of Saudi Arabia years ago  from families two of their sons were victim of the ongoing conflict in Syria. Families were stressing that he played a role in inciting their children to go to Syria, at a time , his children spend their time in the tours in Asian countries.

Observers believe that the Saudi government used Aeraour to serve their tasks , as it did with preachers Saudis, like Salman Owda, and Solomon Duweish, and Mohammad Arifi and others, when they used them in its war against al-Qaeda, which launched extensive operations in Saudi Arabia during the last decade, and when it ended, some of them imprisoned and prevented others from traveling .It seems that Saudi Arabia, are trying through this behavior to provide “Aeraour” scapegoat to prove its seriousness in the American-led war against “Daash.



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