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Afghan MP: Fight Against Terrorism is the most Important goal of Region

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SHAFAQNA- President of the Afghan Parliament said that Combating terrorism and strengthening regional cooperation is the most important goal of the governments of Tehran, Kabul, Beijing, Moscow, Islamabad and Ankara.

Terrorism has never been to any religion. They have always committed the worst crimes,” head of Afghanistan Parliament Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi said on Saturday at the 2nd Conference of 6 head parliaments from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, China and Russia on the challenges of terrorism and intra-regional relations.

“Terrorists are destroying people’s lives and causing lots of problems for the region”, He reminded.

The head of the Afghanistan parliament noted that this country has suffered the most casualties in the past two decades.

Ibrahimi referred to the presence of terrorists in Afghanistan due to its geopolitical situation and underlining that “All of our efforts are to prevent terrorists from damaging the lives of the people of Afghanistan”.
He stressed that there are many challenges facing Afghanistan in this regard, adding that the members of the conference have common interests and good relations. Undoubtedly, this is a moving factor to confront the challenges and counteract terrorism in Afghanistan.

The head of the Afghanistan parliament said that “We cannot succeed without trusting each other and honest colleagues. The fight against terrorism and the strengthening of regional cooperation is our goal, we should not allow terrorists to unite and challenge our lives”.

Ibrahimi said that regional integration were to be based on political resolve among countries, adding that “We must take steps to confront extremism and bring security for the people.”

The 2nd Conference of six Asian head parliaments from Islamic Republic of Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, China and Russia, with subject of the Challenges of Terrorism and Strengthening Interconnection Relations, being held in the Parsian Azadi Hotel with the Presence of President Hasan Rouhani.

Abdul Raoof Ibrahimi, chairman of the Afghan parliament, Chen Zhu, Vice-Chairman of the National Assembly of the People’s Republic of China, Asad Qaisar, Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan, Ben Ali Yildirim, Speaker of the Turkish Parliament, Vicheslav Valodin, President of the Russian State Duma at the conference participate in this conference.

The main goals of this two-day conference in Tehran are to explore ways to counter terrorism, share past experiences, strengthen inter-regional relations, review current strategies for peace and promote universal and sustainable development, and adopt a new and effective regional approach.


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