Afghan woman kills 25 Taliban terrorists in revenge attack

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- A brave Afghan woman in a revenge attack for his slain military personnel son killed 25 members of the Taliban terrorist group, and returned home safe and sound.According to the Afghanistan’s Khameh Press news agency, the Afghan lioness women who had lost her beloved son in an invasion of the Taliban terrorist took a machine gun and armed the widow of his late son with another one and went to her own combat against the Taliban.

The uneven war took seven hours and amazingly, 25 Taliban terrorists lost their lives in it, while the mother in law and daughter in law returned home safe and sound.

The armed clash took place in a village of Afghanistan’s Farah province where the woman’s son, an Afghan Army officer, was killed by the Taliban terrorist.

Mrs. Reza-Gol who has established a group of the same name has actually launched another popular revolution against the Taliban militia forces, said Sediq Sediqi, spokesman of Afghanistan Interior Ministry.



Source: IRNA

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