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Afghanistan: 250 Families Displaced to Bamyan from Jaghori, Malistan

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SHAFAQNA- As Taliban attacks continue, over 250 Afghan families displaced to Bamyan from two districts in Ghazni province, local officials in Bamyan province said Tuesday.

According to a survey commissioned by the delegation, more than 250 families have come to Bamyan from two districts of Malistan and Jaghori, Ghazni province, and need humanitarian assistance and cooperation. 

Head of provincial counter-incidents department Ahmadreza Raf’at stressed that the local Bamyan government is trying to address the problems of the displaced people, but the number of displaced people is increasing over time, adding that, an urgent session has been held Tuesday in Bamyan province to carry out the assistance and cooperation in coordination with the public staff. 

Source: Shafaqna Afghanistan

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