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Afghanistan: Takfiris give condition for releasing 31 abducted Shias

SHAFAQNA – The group of takfiri terrorists  who have kidnapped 31 Shias in southern Zabul province has given a condition for the release of the abducted civilians.The takfiri group has reportedly asked for the release of their people from jails in exchange for the civilians.Hamidullah Tokhi, a Member of Parliament tells Radio Free Europe (Azadi Radio) that the kidnappers have sought the release of their people from different jails including Kabul.

He says one of the local elders mediating to secure the release of the abducted Shias has told him that kidnappers have sought the release of their people from jails in Kabul, Kundoz and other provinces.Tokhi says the local elder has also told him that if government releases their people in the exchange kidnappers will let go the same number of abducted Shias.Hamidullah Tokhi said that the local elder who gave him the information asked not to be named.

Mohammad Arif Rahmani another member of parliament says that he does not have a figure but some of those Shias have been released and arrived in Kabul.These Hazara Shias were traveling in two buses on Kabul-Kandahar highway when takfiri terrorists stopped their buses in the jurisdiction of Shah Joy District of southern Zabul province and kidnapped them on gun point on the afternoon of February 23.Military operation was also initiated to secure the release of these Shias but it anonymously winded up without giving a positive result.

Takfiri Taliban have rejected hand in the abduction but chief of the provincial council of Zabul says he is confident that the kidnappers belong to takfiri DAISH (Islamic State).

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