Israel played key role to stop bad Iran nuclear deal: PM

SHAFAQNA – Israel played a key role stopping a deal with Iran on reining in Tehran’s nuclear program from going ahead last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday.

The deal would have “effectively left Iran as a threshold nuclear power,” he told a Washington think-tank in a recorded speech, adding Israel’s “voice and our concerns played a critical role in preventing a bad deal.”

Israel has publicly criticized US-led efforts to reach a deal to rein in Iran’s suspect nuclear program, warning that the administration of President Barack Obama is being fooled by the new, more moderate face of the Iranian leadership.

The global powers known as the P5+1 who are leading efforts to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon have extended their talks until June 30, after they failed to meet the November 24 deadline for a deal.

Netanyahu said Israel’s aim is now to work for a deal which would dismantle all of Tehran’s weapons capability.

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