Ahlulbayt News Agency faces cyber-attack

SHAFAQNA – ABNA – Ahlulbayt News Agency – released a press statement late on Wednesday in which it confirmed its website had suffered numerous disruptive cyber-attacks.

The statement obtained by Shafaqna read: In the name of Allah
From last night until now AhlulBayt News Agency Website – ABNA – has been under hard cyber-attacks, leading to frequent disconnection.
The epicentre of such attacks is believed to be located in Turkey.

ABNA’s technical team is working tirelessly to solve the issue and Allah willing in the coming hours all issues will be addressed.

In such a time of difficulty we remain dedicated to defending AhlulBayt (AS), and we remember that our hardship is little compared to that the House endured.

Bless will be the righteous.

Sayyad Ali Reza Hosseini Aref
Director of ABNA”



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