ajc.com/Children held hostage in Chicago suburb

SHAFAQNA – A standoff and hostage situation has stretched into a second day in a Chicago suburb.  Police said two children and a woman are being held hostage in Harvey, Illinois, according to NBC Chicago. Originally, 6 children were taken hostage, but four had been released overnight NBC Chicago reported.  One of the children released has a breathing problem.   A SWAT team member rescued him from a porch after gunmen released him, Fox News reported.

The standoff started Tuesday afternoon when police were called to a break-in at a home, the Chicago Tribune reported.  The suspects opened fire on the police as they approached, Harvey spokesman Sean Howard said in the Tribune’s article.  The town’s mayor said one officer was grazed by a bullet.  A second was wounded in the elbow. About 100 residents were evacuated, as well as a nearby school.

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