Israeli spy drone crashes into Lebanon

SHAFAQNA- An Israeli spy drone crashed inside Lebanon on Saturday, the Lebanese army and state media reported.

The National News Agency said the remote control plane went down in the Marjayoun district of southeastern Lebanon due to a mechanical malfunction.

It is now being inspected at an army base.

“Today (Saturday) at 10:30 am, an Israeli drone fell at Mazraat Sarde region in Marjayoun while violating the Lebanese [air space],” an army statement read.

Israeli spy drones and fighter jets violate Lebanese airspace on a daily basis.

The Lebanese army issued a statement earlier Saturday saying that a spy drone had entered Lebanese airspace Friday at 10:15 pm and flew around the south for several hours before returning to the occupied territories at 7:00 am.

In February, an Israeli drone crashed on the Blue Line, the UN-demarcated line between Lebanon and occupied Palestine.

Israeli soldiers illegally crossed into Lebanese territory during that incident to retrieve the wreckage.

Israeli aircraft regularly cross into Lebanese airspace, and the border area in southern Lebanon has been the scene of tense standoffs in the past.

The Blue Line was drawn up in 2000 by the UN after Israeli troops withdrew from most of south Lebanon after a 22-year occupation.

Israel still occupies the Shebaa Farms area in southeast Lebanon.

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