Al-Azhar Slams Desecration of Quran in France

SHAFAQNA- Egypt’s Al-Azhar Islamic Center on Sunday condemned the recent Islamophobic attack on a Muslim place of worship and desecration of the Quran in France.

On Friday, a mob of anti-Muslim extremists ransacked a prayer hall on the French Mediterranean island of Corsica and set fire to copies of the Holy Quran.
A local police official said the crowd of people damaged the prayer room in the city of Ajaccio.
Al-Azhar in a statement condemned all forms of violence and voiced protest at the anti-Arab and anti-Muslim attack.
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has also denounced the attack, calling it an unacceptable sacrilege of a Muslim place of prayer.
Anti-Muslim sentiments are on the rise in France after the November 13 Daesh attacks in Paris killed 130 people.
France’s five-million-strong Muslim community, which is Europe’s largest, accounts for about eight percent of the country’s total population.

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