Al Khoei Foundation issues statement in relation to Brussels attack

SHAFAQNA – We share the grief and pain of the people of Brussels following this morning’s terrorist attacks targeting innocent lives.

Such attacks go against the basic values and tenants of all beliefs and religions, and are affront to civilisation and the messages of mercy, compassion, peace and coexistence.
The attacks on Brussels are the latest tragedy following the Istanbul and Ankara bombings and the frequent attacks on civilians in Syria and Iraq. We pray for peace in all parts of the world, and our thoughts and prayers are with friends and families of victims of the recent attacks.
Extremism cannot be combatted through military means only. The extremists are adamant to divide our rich and diverse societies through their words and actions in an attempt to separate us from one another. Therefore, it is vital for us to remain united and resilient, to work together to tackle this ideology of hate and its root causes.
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