Al-Khoei Foundation statement delivered at the General Assembly of the U.N.Human Rights Council about Iraq

SHAFAQNA- Below is the statement of Al-Khoei Foundation as delivered at the General Assembly at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva yesterday at the special session on Iraq.

Mr president
The Al-khoei Foundation recognises, as do many other members of the international community, the immediate and serious threat that the group calling itself the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant poses. The danger and brutality by this terror group in Iraq has not only concentrated on Shia Muslims, whom the group consider ‘heretics’, but also on Christians, Yazidis, and on ethno-religious minorities including the Shabak and Turkmen,
Concerted, systematic attacks against mainly Shia populated towns and pilgrims have been increasing at an alarming rate; recently ISIL released the following statement: “Continue your march, as the battle is still not raging… it will rage in Baghdad, Karbala and Najaf, so be ready for it.” “Do not concede territory gained to the Shia unless they walk over your dead bodies to retrieve it. March towards Baghdad.  Don’t stop until you reach Baghdad and Karbala. Be prepared! Iraq will transform into a living hell for the Shia and other heretic”. The barbaric and cold-blooded massacre of several hundred mainly Shia Cadets near Speicher reflects this violent call and needs the full attention of the Human Rights Council.
Furthermore, the Shia Turkmen of the town of Amerli, which has been under siege for the last two months, now face an imminent massacre by ISIL. The UN Special Representative, Nickolay Mladenov said he was “seriously alarmed” by reports that the people living in the town had no food or water, According to Turkmen sources, 17,000 to 19,000 people are under siege and have been under an intensive attack for weeks; ISIL’s shelling from all sides has condemned the people of Amerly to death and hunger.
Beyond the Shias, ISIL have targeted and killed many other religious minority groups such as the Yazidi; causing a humanitarian catastrophe of 10,000 Yazidi trapped on Mount Sinjar, and the inhumane starving of innocent men, women and children. Christians have also been attacked with ISIL demanding from the Christians of Mosul to convert to Islam, pay an imposed tax or face death and expulsion. Christian, Sufi-Sunni and Shia places of worship have been systematically destroyed and their destruction posted via social media.
Our recommendations:
To call for an immediate and thorough investigation into these human rights violations, including the brutal massacre at Speicher.
For immediate humanitarian assistance to be provided to the population including Amerli
To take practical measures to filter and block supporters of ISIL from disseminating beheadings and hate speech via social media.
To deny ISIL funding and acces and prevent their foreign recriits from leaving their native countries to fight in Iraq and Syria.
To expressly acknowledge that places of worship and sacred sites are inviolable neutral ground during times of both war and peace, and that they are not threatened, damaged or desecrated
Thank you Mr President
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