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Al Musawi : urge AlKhalifa to exercise a little wisdom and response to legitimate Bahraini demands

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Bahraini opposition bloc in the British capital,  protest on Sunday (February 15, 2015) in the center of the “Marble arch”  at center of London, for the celebrate of  the fourth anniversary of fourteenth of February revolution in Bahrain.

The protest includes an exhibition of photographs that appear crimes of Al Khalifa regime against Bahrainis .Speaker Sayed Mohammed al-Moussawi, head of the Association of Ahl al-Bayt in London, which he called for the Al Khalifa authorities to “exercise a little wisdom and respond to the legitimate Bahrainis demands ,” and added Al Musawi “The government terrorism will impact on the rulers of darkness”, and his conclusion of his speech to the people Bahrani with their steadfastness with authorities crackdown.

Dr. Hassan al-Sadr, the representative of the Sadr movement in Britain in his speech denounced  “crimes committed by the authorities against the defenseless people Bahrani,” saying that the people are stronger than such a government. “He added, referring to the pictures of the martyrs and the suffering in the show, saying, “Is it possible that all this is happening and we are in the atheist and the twentieth century.” AL sader  asked the major powers which these crimes occur near their  troops and their armies in their base in Bahrain.

Sheikh Hassan al-Triki, Head of Media of the Islamic Council in London, gave a speech describing the Bahraini revolution “revolution pure and high-end where regime fails to drag it into sectarianism.””The major powers in world failed to end revolution , despite their success in foiling the other Arab revolutions.”Triki denounced authorities’ decision to withdraw the citizenship of a large number of activists and journalists Bahrainis  because “Al Khalifa suffered as they are strangers for this country.” He concluded by saying “Bahraini revolution has exposed the international system which claims to defend the freedoms and human rights, which turn a blind eye to what is happening in Bahrain of violations.”

Mr. Ahmed farewell Assistant Executive Director of the Institute for Democracy and rights in Bahrain, announced in his speech on “solidarity with the people who are Al-Bahrani facing repression Al-Khalifa”, criticizing the British Foreign Secretary statement, in which he claimed that “Bahrain is going in the right way” .

But the former MP Bahrani Jawad Fairouz has emphasized in his speech that ” urged the international community to exert pressure on the regime to get him to respect human rights.”

The activist Hashemi speech on saluting the steadfastness of the people at large Bahrani

This exhibition has received interest from Arab and foreign visitors who terrified the size of the human rights abuses reflected in the photos displayed.
It is noteworthy that this exhibition is part of a series of events organized by the Bahraini opposition bloc in London to mark the fourth anniversary of the start of the fourteenth of February revolution.

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