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Al Quds Day – Interview with Massoud Shadjareh

SHAFAQNA  – A day of momentous importance since it speaks and calls for a global stance against injustice and tyranny, Al Quds Day has seen unparalleled traction over the years – bringing millions across the world to voice their rejection of fascism in all its forms.

While Al Quds Day was founded to denounce, and oppose Zionism, it is really Justice and Liberation Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini was calling for when he called on people to make a stand.

A visionary in that he understood the nature of political globalism aka unfettered capitalism as an expression of imperialism, Ayatollah Khomeini offered the people a mean to resist by offering a symbol to rally behind: Al Quds Day.

A day for unity beyond creed, ethnicity, and other factors Al Quds Day will forever speak of and for Humanity.

Following is an interview conducted by Catherine Shakdam with Massoud Shadjareh, the Director of the Islamic Human Rights Commission. The video was first aired on Hidayat TV.


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