Al Saud heinous crimes in Yemen – Bloodshed during Muharram

SHAFAQNA – Shafaqna would like to extend its most sincere condolences to the people of Yemen following Saturday bloody attack. We offer our prayers and words of support to the families of the victims – know that your pain is ours to bear as well, your cries of distress and hunger for justice is ours as well.

It is because Yemen rose a tide and rampart to the evil of Wahhabism that Saudi Arabia today has worked to slain the innocent and murder the brave. It is because Yemen has refused to bow to those tyrants in Riyadh, who, from the desert of Nejd came from in between the horn of Satan, that this one nation of Southern Arabia has witnessed wanton destruction.

As we mark the holy month of Muharram, as our prayers rise from our chests to honour the sacrifice of our Imam, Yemen we ought to appreciate, has already chosen to stand under Hussain’s banner –  the sons of Hamdan held true to the oath they once took before the First Imam – Imam Ali, to now spent the strength of their arms in the name of Hussain ibn Ali.

It is this eternal fight in between Light and Darkness, Justice against Oppression which Yemen is in the throes of … and yet too few of us have had the courage and discernment to acknowledge it.

A fire was lit in Yemen this Muharram. It is Revolution Yemen now hungers for. It is the name of their Imams Yemen has let out in a roar of righteous rage.

Cannot hear in the distance hundreds of thousands of arms calling for just retribution for the blood of the innocent?

Can you not hear the voice of your prophet as he warned long ago: “Hussain is from me, and I am from Hussain?”

Yemen already spoke its allegiance, and through bloodshed it held on … will you hold on and never let go? Will you turn away after the truth was made apparent to you, and in shame join the sons of Abu Sufyan?

There are many lessons to learn from Muharram, one of which is that piety requires courage and determination to forbid sins and call for justice.

We pray for Yemen never to lose its heart!

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