Al Saud will be slapped in the face by Yemeni people: Ansarullah

SHAFAQNA – Yemen’s revolutionary movement, Ansarullah stressed that Al Saud will be slapped in the face by the Yemeni people who are resisting the brutal aggression by Riyadh. The head of the movement’s politburo, Saleh Al-Sammad, said that 40 days of continuing aggression against Yemenis gave them the religious, humanitarian and moral legitimacy to defend themselves.

“Al Saud will be slapped in the face by the Yemeni people,” he said on his Facebook account.

“The historic moment when the rehabilitation of the Yemenis would be restored will definitely come.”

He said that the Saudi regime will pay price for its brutality against Yemenis.
Meanwhile, the Ansarullah official dismissed claims on Iran influence in Yemen, stressing that the Yemeni decision is independent.

If these claims were true then “40 days of aggression could be considered a “chance” for Iran to take revenge against Saudi.”

However, Sammad stressed that the attack took place after the United States and Saudi Arabia felt that they lost influence in Yemen.

He noted that the majority of Takfiris in Yemen are Saudi, stressing that Riyadh launched the attack because it fears the return of those Takfiris to launch terrorist attacks in their homeland.

The official added that Al Saud consider Yemen a Saudi territory, noting: “We saw them treading the flag of the Yemeni Republic.”

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