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Al Wefaq: Court informed of general assembly date before decision to suspend

SHAFAQNA –  Al Wefaq National Islamic Society issued a statement outlining that it had informed the court of its decision to hold its General Assembly on December 4th, 2014, and to postpone it to December 6th in the case of an absolute majority not being present on the former date. However, the court issued its ruling in disregard to the scheduled dates. This raises questions on whether the lawsuit is meant to cripple Al Wefaq’s opinion to boycott the upcoming elections, or to correct its legal status.

Al Wefaq believes its legal status is correct, and the alleged reasons for the lawsuit are weak. However, it is bizarre to request the removal of the claimed breaches of Al Wefaq’s By-Law which states that the General Assembly’s date must be announced before 30 days.

Al Wefaq’s General Secretariat also issued an official statement on October 23rd, inviting members to attend the General Assembly on the aforementioned date and the alternative date.

Al Wefaq’s internal elections for senior positions (Secretary-General, Deputy Secretary General, 30 members for Shura Al Wefaq and 5 members for the Arbitration Panel) will be open from 8th to 14th November 2014 for members who meet the requirements stated in the By-Law, and candidates can withdraw before 21st November 2014. The court received a copy of the statement, however, the decision was issued without taking the mentioned dates into consideration.

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