Al Wefaq’s Human Rights pleas to Red Cross to stop police attacks on inmates

SHAFAQNA – Al Wefaq’s Human Rights pleas to Red Cross to stop police attacks on inmates The Liberties and Human Rights Department (LHRD) in Al Wefaq National Islamic Society pleads to the International Red Cross and all concerned organizations to immediately intervene to stop the attacks and mistreatment against the sentenced prisoners in the Jaw central prison in Bahrain, since Tuesday 10th March 2015.

According to testimonies and information received by the LHRD, security forces surrounded a number of buildings in the prison and used excessive force by firing birdshot and tear gas grenades at the prisoners in the wards. No information on the condition of the prisoners has been available after this attack. Human rights activists shared a number of photos that showed the amount of excessive force used by the police causing tens of injuries and suffocation among the prisoners.The prisoners in Jaw prison were previously subjected to repeated attacks. Families said prisoners in wards 3 and 6 were severly beaten, kicked and slapped. They were also prevented from family visits and phonecalls.

A number of activists organized a protest in the Jaw prison a few days ago calling for better conditions and complaining the large number of prisoners in the cells and which reached 1000 while the prison should take in only 448 inmates.In May 2014, the prison saw similar incidents due to the prison administration’s failure to respect fundamental human rights, suchbas right to medical care and healthy environment.

The LHRD expresses great concern on the practices of the official apparatus in the prison. The LHRD calls for the foundation of an independent international commission to investigate this incident and hold accountable senior officials involved in the attacks. The LHRD also calls on the executive apparatuses to practice self-restraint and respect conventions  Bahrain is signatory to. At the same time, the international community is urged to bring Bahrain to respect these conventions at once and sign declarations that ensure respect of human rights.

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