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Aldaihi: Bahrain is shutting doors in face of agreement

SHAFAQNA – Sheikh Husain Aldaihi, deputy secretary general of Al Wefaq National Islamic Society, said the hearing of the opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman is a historic trial of the people of Bahrain. Aldaihi highlighted that Salman is one of those who hold the key to political solution, adding that the Authority in Bahrain is shutting doors in the face of stability and agreement.

Sheikh Ali Salman is to stand his second hearing Wednesday 25th February. A group of UN experts issued a statement in which they stated, “The charges appear to stem from the Government’s dissatisfaction with opinions that Sheikh Salman expressed in public speeches and televised interviews, in which he called for the establishment of a democratic regime and for Government accountability”.

Aldaihi warned that the continued detention of Al Wefaq SG means that Bahrain is going in the wrong direction. “His detention is an unacceptable mistake to all sides who care about the future of Bahrain”, he said.

Further, he stressed that a wide faction of the people of Bahrain believe that the arrest of Salman goes against confidence-building between the Authority and the society. He said, “The continued detention of Sheikh Ali Salman will make the people even more persistent to achieve their demands, his arrest is an essential motive”.

Protests around Bahrain continued to take to streets on the 59th day since Salman’s arrest demanding his immediate release.

Source : Alwefaq

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