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Ali’s (A.S) way or Training

SHAFAQNA- The city of Kufa was the capital of the Islamic Government. People from all over the World used to gather at that point to get the benefit of knowledge and learning from that great Islamic University.
One of those days two men came across each other in the vicinity of the city one of them was Ali (A.S) and the other was a Christian who did not recognize him. The Christian man was moving towards the suburban area of Kufa, whereas, Ali (A.S) was on his way to kufa.
They mutually agreed to accompany each other for a while, talking to each other, so that they do not get tired.
They reached a point where two ways split out, so that each one wanted to move on one of those two different roads. The Christian bade Farwell and went on his way but he observed that his Muslim companion, whose way was on the opposite side, was moving towards him. So he stopped and questioned him, “Don’t you want to go to kufa?”
Ali (A.S) said, “Yes”. The Christian man said, “Then why are you coming towards this direction?”
Ali (A.S) replied, “I wish to accompany you to a certain length of distance because the Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P) said, “When two persons are together on a way (journey companions) they get a right over each other.”
“Now that you have got a right upon me, I go along with you up to a certain distance so that I must pay you (discharge) that light of yours in this world. Then I will part off on my own way.” The Christian man was much pleased and moved by this humanly attitude and conduct and he liked his talk and said, “It is befitting that I should also embrace Islam which has such a culture and students.”
His amazement and astonishment was only too enhanced when he discovered that his travel companion is Ali (A.S), the ruler of Islam. So he immediately accepted and embraced Islam at his hand.

Ref: Sibtayn

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