All the good and beautiful are from God

SHAFAQNA – Whenever anything is praised, say it belongs to God and it is God’s work. Do not cover God  and relate that thing to yourself or others, as there is no greater tyranny than this. If you observe this point, you will be saved, whenever you want to praise a person or a thing, praise your God. Come and decide from now on, you will not say anything except for the sake of God. Any good and beautiful you see, remember your God, as Imam Ali (AS) said in the Dua of the first ten days of Zil Hajjah: Say (repeat) to the number of all the things in the world “LA ILAHA ILLA ALLAH” (There is no God but Allah (SWT)) [1].

[1] Mesbahul Hoda, Sokhanane Hajj Mohammad Ismail Doulabi, Mahdi Tayyeb, Page 19.

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