Allah Between Innate Knowledge and Evidence

SHAFAQNA – In the Name of Allah All Merciful, All Compassionate

Thank is due to Allah, Lord of the Universe and prayers and peace be on our Master Mohammad and the immaculate members of his pure households.

Since the early years of its creation on earth, humanity has been occupied by the creator of the life and its presence in this open universe. People’s thinking about theology- Allah’s presence- in ancient time was in accordance with their knowledge limitations and limited horizon of awareness. This has diversifid and expanded because of the mental progress and the advancement of human thought until this has reached its climax at the age of philosophy when the philosophical discursive thought played a major role in this fild and exhausted it, and established concrete evidence and pillars that are uncontroversial for the Faith. The suspicions of the ignorant and doubts of the unbelievers were dispersed.

And, when the age of science has culminated in its huge progress in late centuries, a number of scientists tried to exploit it against religion and defame our doctrine. They have claimed that science disproves Allah’s presence and rejects the mental base which states the necessity for the existence of a creator for every creation. Then all things in the universe were attributed to the movement of the “matter and the rise of the “chance and the confusion of the creation and evolution that for the claimed evolution. Doubts and suspicions have appeared and remarks and assumptions spread and drums were beaten for the eternality of “matter. The Muslim society has come face to face with a hard hurricane that shook the ideas and swept away with it all those whose faiths were established on imitation rather than evidence and satisfaction. And, because we are satisfid that Islam never collides with science and intellect as it is based and supported by both of them, it is necessary to investigate the theologyAllah’s existence in the light of modern science which doubters have to exploit for destruction and sabotage. The summary results of the investigation can be sum up as follow:

Science by its special terminology and its unbiased methodology and by its most modern theories and discoveries has enhanced our belief in Allah, the Exalted. And, it has put at our hands evidence and proofs that were inaccessible by previous writers and investigators. And, overwhelmingly and clearly has science refuted all the claims put by those who believe in the eternity of the “matter and the effects and development in creating and making, all the claims of those relying on the chance and probability for the rise of life and the creation in this vast universe.

And, a wish the book to be comprehensives to the subject, I have begun my investigation by quick review of the proofs of the healthy innate knowledge and the evidence of philosophy and the evidence of scholastic theology. I also investigated in details the style of the holy Qur’an in demonstrating this great truth. It is a unique style in the art of induction because of addressing the intellect and awakening the feeling and relying on sensation and external effect. I have concluded the investigation by referring to the evidence of the modern science in this vast spiritual journey.

My sole hope from this investigation is honorarium and reward and for the respectable readers guidance and benefi, and Allah is the helper of success. “Praise be to Allah, who hath guided us to this (felicity): never could we have found guidance. (The Heights 43)

“Our Lord! we have heard the call of one calling (Us) to Faith, ‹Believe ye in the Lord, and we have believed. Our Lord! Forgive us our sins, blot out from us our iniquities, and take to Thyself our souls in the company of the righteous. (The Family of ‘Imran 93) Al-Kadhimiya-Baghdad-Iraq
Mohammad Hassan Āl-Yasîn

The existence necessity of the eternal creator

The investigation in the existence of a creating God in full control of the universe and the proofs for the existence of this creator is as ancient as humanity, though it has taken different forms throughout the ages, and various methodologies, with different kinds proofs. And, Man- since he has become an aware creaturewas naturally disposed for looking behind the invisible and was born with the desire for knowing the principles of things and their purposes and understanding the reality of everything . Where has it come from? How has it ended like this? Where will it end? And so on.

And, under the inflence of this innate knowledge, Man has looked at the universe and spared no efforts to think about its secrets and has gone deep into it throughout ages of history according to his understanding and comprehension abilities during each era of civilisation. The search for the First Cause that has created the universe was in front of all these secrets of the universe which he has tried to understand and contemplate about according to the tools of his own understanding and thinking.

Man’s awareness about the essence of things when it began- was initially limited and was confied to the circle of his own simple and narrow life. It has, however, developed throughout the ages in compliance with his advancement in other filds of knowledge. It is not surprising, therefore, that the subject of belief in God, the creator, has been in gradual progress in accordance to the advancement of Man’s intellect throughout his near and far history of development.

For this reason, some people were animal or star worshipers, others had worshipped inanimate things, believing they were his gods that resurrect the dead or bring the dead to life that give and forbid. Not only did people worship them or were satisfid with their divinity but knelt at their feet, offering them sacrifies in order to bring them good welfare and forbid evil from them. Man saw the sun and confused to be Allah because it helps in making life, warmth and helps living creatures to grow.

He saw the moon lights the dark nights for lost travellers in heart of the barren deserts, so he had confused it to be God. He also saw the stars beaming from a far distance as if they were unsolved riddle that strikes the mind with surprise. He had confused them to be God. Then he sawat last but not the least- some animals that provide him with drink and food and material for clothing him or some of them caught his attention by their huge sizes or courage, he rushed worshipping them to be God.

All these practices prove the simplicity of this Man’s thought and intellect and they also stress the autosuggestion of Man’s normal innate knowledge that there must be God that had created this universe before it was there.

Man’s view to these matters with the help of the messengers and the guidance of the divine books and with the advancement of his feeling and comprehension, he has realised Allah, the Creator owing to his own sharp understanding and comprehension, “He Who created the seven heavens one above another: No want of proportion wilt thou see in the Creation of ((Allah)) Most Gracious. So turn thy vision again: seest thou any flw? “ Again turn thy vision a second time: (thy) vision will come back to thee dull and discomfied, in a state worn out. (The Sovereignty, Control 3,4)

The evidence of the innate knowledge

Innate knowledge is the main source for Man’s realisation to Allah and believing in Him. This innate knowledge or his inner awareness that is referred to as (unconsciousness) has persuaded him for necessity of the existence of a Creator for this universe that had created all creations and made them from nonexistence. And had inherited in every creation its own system and that performs its duty and serve the purpose which it had been created for in such a systematic, fied and wellorganised method that does not change.

And, when some French researchers have investigated the life of dwarfs in the middle of Africa, Malta, other islands and in some parts of the Philippines they have concluded conclusively that ‘The dwarfs represent the remote stage in the development of human race and they are so primitive that they are worse than the South Eastern Asian tribes.

“Schemdit (sic) and other researchers did not fid in their practices of those groups any proof for the worship of nature or spirits. Their belief in magic was less strong than the belief of the nearby tribes that were better civilised and cultured than them. However, the most distinguished of their beliefs was the worship of superior existence and this existence is the Creator and the Lord of the Universe. We can stress here that the discovery the long past of those tribes and their faith is a serious discovery in the history of religions because it has proved conclusively and without doubt the complete relation between the innate knowledge and monotheism.1 The Scottish thinker, Laing, “states that every فكرة العلية (causalita) of idea the him within has individual and this is enough for the formation of faith that there are gods that had created the this universe. 2 Man has grasped this reality by his human innate knowledge, and the proof of it is as visible as its clearness because this innate knowledge believes that behind every trace there is a doer, and every existence means there is a creator for it and the ‘camel’s dung is a sign for the presence of the camel’, and the footprints are signs for the passing, Do not a sky with Zodiacal Signs and an earth with roads within its mountains indicate to One that understands the fiest mysteries (and) is well-acquainted (with them).

When Imam Sadiq (p.b.u.h) was asked, “Oh, son of Allah’s Messenger, guide me to Allah. He answer, Oh, slave of Allah, have you embarked a boat? The inquisitor answered, “certainly. Imam Sadiq asked him, Did it break down when you were on board, and you could not be saved by swimming or a nearby boat? The inquisitor relied, “Yes. Imam Sadiq inquired, “Did not your heart look cling to something that has the ability to save you from your dilemma? The inquisitor answered, “Yes. Imam Sadiq told him that the thing that his heart had clung to and looked forward to is Allah. As an example of the autosuggestion of the innate knowledge and its drive to Man to believe in Allah, I state below the following handed- down story: “A blasphemer attended one morning a religious ceremony in Baghdad, proposing to challenge any person who may object to his blasphemy by holding a debate with him. The man in charge of the Majlis sent a messenger to a speculative theologian to bear the task of debating with the blasphemer. Having arrived to the house of the speculative theologian, the messenger told him the reason of being sent. The speculative theologian had ordered the messenger to go back and inform his master that he was on his way.

By Sheikh Mohammad Āl-Yasîn
Translated by: Mohammed Nabil H. Ouda – BA-MA Translation Studies

1. Nash’at al-Deen, P. 196-197
2. Ibid, p.184

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