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Allah’s Guidance; a Valuable Blessing

SHAFAQNA – The Omnipotent Allah has willed to place human being in a corner of the world for a limited time, out of Mercy, allowing him to benefit from all the blessings that are prepared through the processes of the ethereal elements like the clouds and the winds, the sun and the moon. He has bestowed on humans a myriad of fruits, vegetables, and seeds, together with halal (pure) meat obtained from different creatures from the territory of the skies, the earth and the seas.

Allah has granted the necessary equipment to humans for establishing their life. Human beings should rely on their minds and free will to choose the path of religion and guidance which is a unique blessing, for the right path is so clearly defined by the Heavenly Books, especially the Qur’an, the holy Prophets (as), and Imams (as). By doing so, man recognizes his duty and responsibility towards his Creator and rightfully tries to fulfill these duties, so that he may reach perfection. Human beings should attempt to work for the Hereafter during the limited period of time that they have in this world and strive for attaining Allah’s satisfaction and His paradise.

If man contemplates on all the material as well as spiritual blessings granted by the Almighty, he discovers that His general Mercy has surrounded both the apparent and the hidden sides of the heavens and the earth. Man himself is cloaked to such an extent in Allah’s Mercy and His Beneficence that no other creature, even the nearest angel, is like him.

At this point, human beings should insightfully begin their spiritual journey to serve Allah and reach His countenance, not disregarding to serve Allah and His servants. They should humbly pray and worship Allah, with all their organs, at every point in time and beseech Him.

By choosing the right path that is Allah’s manifested guidance together with fulfilling the duties and serving His servants, humans, as asserted by the Holy Qur’an, will be granted great reward and Allah’s paradise.

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