Allama Raja Nasir a true Pakistani Patriot

SHAFAQNA – WSF commends Allama Raja Nasir for his service to his country Pakistan. Allama Nasir and the MWM have just concluded a gruelling weeks long protest fast. This protest was against the devastating and unchecked massacres of Pakistani Sunnis, Sufis, Christians, Sikhs, moderate Deobandis and Hindus. These massacres are ALL being committed by interconnected Takfiri Deobandi terrorists groups like the Taliban and ASWJ-LeJ (formerly named Sipah Sahaba)

Due to Allama Nasir and MWM’s principled protests, the government finally took some action to curb Deobandi Taliban terrorists on the KP province.

MWM and Raja Nasir continue with their activism. They are working on on providing both security and shelter to Pilgrims travelling from Pakistan.

Allama Nasir has lead by being reasonable and by concentrating on performing his civic duties. He remains a true patriot of Pakistan and honours its flag. This is what Shia Muslim communities need worldwide. Shaheed Sheikh Nimr is another example who always protests against the Saudi regime’s oppression as a peaceful and articulate Nationalist. Like the late Nimr, Allama Nasir does not give greater precedence to foreign agendas but remains a true patriot.

Others can take heed from this example. Especially Shia Muslims in Europe and America need to perform their civic duties, build alliances and advocate against global Shia Genocide by Deobandi and Salafi extremists.

By Ali Taj for the World Shia Forum in collaboration with the Shafaqna Institute for Middle Eastern Studies

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