US-Led Airstrikes Hit ISIL Positions in Homs, Hasakah, Deir Ezour, Raqqa

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association)-The US-led airstrikes hit on Saturday the positions of ISIL terrorists in al-Mayadeen city in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor province on Friday.

The strikes targeted ISIL positions in the Industrial Area and factory-built homes on the outskirts of al-Mayadeen city.
In the same context,  the gatherings of the ISIL terrorist organization in AL-Khma’el area south of Hasaka city, were also targeted.
The US warplanes targeted the positions of the terrorist organization in Abdulaziz mountain which is located 35 km west of Hasaka city, destroying 10 oil refineries in al-Houl and al-Khatouniyeh area, 40 km east of Hasaka city.
The coalition airstrikes also targeted ISIL posts in the mainly Kurdish town of Ain al-Arab.    
The US-led coalition hit ISIL targets in Syria’s central province of Homs for the first time on Saturday as well as in the town of Minbej, near the western limit of ISIL control.
The US warplanes struck ISIL bases in the eastern desert of Homs province, according to media reports which added that the positions were in the area of Al-Hammad, east of ancient city Palmyra.

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