America to expand nuclear arsenal – Shafaqna speaks to Press TV


SHAFAQNA – US President-elect Donald Trump says Washington must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until “the world comes to its senses”. Trump’s remark came a day after he met with a group of senior US army commanders including Vice Admiral James Syring who heads the Missile Defense Agency. That is seen as a departure from President Barack Obama’s policy to push for the elimination of nuclear weapons. According to the US non-partisan Arms Control Association, Washington has 7,100 nuclear weapons while Russia has stockpiled 7,300 ones. The Pentagon wants to replace or modernize all three legs of its so-called triad, that is, a three-pronged nuclear attack force comprising intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear submarines and strategic bombers capable of carrying and launching nukes.

Trump: US must greatly expand its nuke capability by presstv


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