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Amid Anti-Muslim Protests, North Texas Mosque Welcomes Public In to Learn about Islam



Just as they do every week, the Islamic Association of Allen opened their doors to curious non-Muslims, wanting to ask questions about Islam.

“We wanted to show support to the Muslim community,” said Betheny Reid of Dallas.

She and her husband spent time speaking with Suhail Kausar, the president of the Dallas Muslim community chapter.

Reid did not know that earlier in the day, protesters and counter-protesters squared off at the Mosque in Richardson.

“We say: love for all, hatred for none,” said Kausar.

Kaurar says protests against Sharia, Islam or Muslims makes their weekly outreach programs all the more important.

“People when they are protesting probably do not know what the real Islamic teaching is,” he said.

Rick Loessberg people often fear the unknown.

“As we discovered we have far more in common than we give ourselves credit for and we seem to concentrate with the differences rather than the similarities,” he said.

“The other thing I took away from it was something very simple about treat others how you want to be treated,” said Reid. “They’re very much a part of the community. They love being part of this community. They love being Americans.”

The Mosque in Allen is hosting an inter-faith event next weekend and welcomes the public to attend.

Source: Iqna

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